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New game uploaded: Ziggurat

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Ziggurat is a Z-machine interpreter written from scratch to take advantage of the power of the Commander X-16. Relive the nostalgia of playing your old Infocom adventures or new Inform stories.

(Note: This is a pre-alpha release. Almost nothing works correctly yet. Please be patient. Development is on GitHub if you want to help out!)


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Finally got around to figuring out what broke file loading on r38. I think it was something in the new CBDOS implementation. To get it to work, I have to pass in $60 to SETLFS for the secondary address, otherwise the OPEN and CHKIN calls will succeed but the first CHRIN will fail. I can't just use the kernal LOAD routine because it assumes the first two bytes of the file are the load address and discards them, so it breaks the Z-code files. Anyway, it works now on r38, and I left v0.0.5 up there for anyone still using r37 (why?), and runs all the version 3 Z-code files I have. Next up I think the code needs a good refactor/reorganization before adding any new features/opcodes.

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