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Development in C?



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27 minutes ago, Hiraghm said:

While @SlithyMatt's "helloasm" ran just fine, "helloc" did not. The emulator just locked up as soon as I typed "run".

cc65-sprite and cc65-audio both threw errors: "main.c(46) Error: call to undefined function 'vpoke'"

But thanks for the info and the links

On what version of c65 are you on?  You need to have a recent version of cc65 for x16 support. 


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3 minutes ago, SlithyMatt said:

You're going to want to follow the build instructions for cc65 that I linked to in the description. Like I said above, the release version is too out of date for X16 development for the current emulator.

Sorry, wasn't talking to you in the 3rd person, I actually quoted the wrong message 😕

I deleted the x16-hello package and cc65... then I noticed a cc65 directory in a higher level directory... I must have installed an earlier version... earlier.

So I reinstalled, but screwed up my PATH variable, and had to reset it to the default. (I typoed PATH$ instead of $PATH)

Then I had to add /snap/bin to my PATH in order to run the emulator.

But, x16-hello-cc65 built just fine, helloc ran just fine.

I switched to x16-demo-master and ran make... and errorred with: ./tools/bas2prg.py ../x16-emulator/x16emu ./release/basic ./release/PRG
converting file ./release/basic/koala.bas...

sh: 1: ../x16/emulator/x16emu: not found
Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "./tools/bas2prg.py", line 63, in <module>
     os.rename(prg, prgFilename)
FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'KOALA.PRG.TMP' -> './release/PRG/KOALA.PRG'

I'm guessing that error is related to my screwup of the PATH variable 😞

But thanks for the help, I'm mostly up and running; I can start studying examples and trying to write my own code now, anyway.

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