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Hello from Europe (Chipmusician, Pixelartist)

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Hello friends.

My name is Matej. I am from Europe live near Austria in Slovakia. I am Atari 800 fan since I was 5 years old. Nowadays I own 9x Atari 130XE. One with 1mb ram and 4x OS in flash, 2x atari pokey (8channels, stereo) soundchip, SDrive SD card interface, Amiga mouse, next year want upgrade it with 65c816/20mhz turbocard also VBXE graphics card. I also own 3x C64. One with 3SID upgrade. Also ZXSpectrum48k with SAA1099 soundcard and CompactFlash interface. From game consoles I own almost all NINTENDO stuff. But most favourite one is Sega Genesis (Megadrive) with YM2612. In real life I own small 3D printing company got CAD/Design Engineer/MechanicalEngineering degree on University. What else. I compose modern electronic music in RenoiseDAW. And I also can do nice demoscene logos/streetart logos. As I was into demoscene and also graffiti since I was kid. Want make GUI for YM2612/SAA1099 music tracker. Icons, logo, mouse pointer etc. Cant wait to have real Commander X16 near my Atari130XE and Apple 2GS. Have a nice day ;).

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