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X16MusicTracker (SAA1099+YM2151+VERA)


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Hello friends.



X16TrackerTeam aka.¬†TeamX16 (like Team17 ūüôā)¬†(You can join us!!!):

@DusanStrakl coder

@Nate.N coder

@JimmyDansbo coder

@Matej Pixel Logo, GUI, web, PDF manual, YOUTUBE tutorials, demo songs

I am chipmusician and pixelartist. Want make X16MusicTracker for Commander X16. I will do GUI design and GUI ideas. I need good sound coders and musicians. I own SAA1099 soundcard on ZX Spectrum and also I love VGMMusicMaker (YM2612 tracker for SEGA). 

Short brainstorming:

*.16m - will be module

*.16i - will be instruments tables (fm+psg)

*.16s - will be PCM samples (like wav)

*.16p will be pattern (like page in sequencer)

*.16t will be track (like one channel in sequencer)

There will be also player or plugin(WinAMP) for player on PC, MAC, Android, iPhone.






Total 32 channels stereo !!!

Native player for Basic / ASM.

There will be:

- pattern editor

- psg instrument editor

- fm instrument editor

- sample editor (DAC)

- pattern sequence editor

- DJ player (for chipmusic concerts/performances)

- midi in / out

- quick build in help

- keyboard settings

- gui editor (colors, picture theme)

- FastTracker2 notes import from XM module

- MOD modules samples / notes import from AMIGA MODULES

- MIDI notes import / export

Any musicians, coders, pixelartists, 8bit music fans here???

Send me PM when yes!

Possible future features:

VST for PC/MAC and use X16 as hardware synth for professional audio DAW software.



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On 10/2/2020 at 7:01 PM, StinkerB06 said:

Why is "YM2612" in the title? That's the FM chip used in the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive! The YM2151 is pretty different (notably, it's from the OPM series, while the 2612 is the OPN series).

Fixed!!! ūüėČ

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Hi Matej,

I've sent you a PM.

I think I may be able to help out. I've actually been looking for someone with knowledge on creating chiptunes, as I have an interesting project I've been working on, but I'm not a chipmusician.


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Sounded weird
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Hello friends. So things moved. I so @DusanStrakl and @Nate.N joined project as coders. But still we need more. Also chipmusicians, pixelartists, language translators (I can translate to German, Czech, Slovak  as my Granny was German). 

Our official GIThub will be:


Please join. All are welcome. It will be long term project. But I am sure that X16 will have best chipmusic / 8bit music / chiptunes / synthwave of all platforms. And this will attract people from other platforms too. Will post about X16 on Chipmusic.org forum too.

Also cant wait to see demoscene, demos, intros with our music. 


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Hey Matej.


So good to see you at work here.
As I produced my first "album" on FT2, have been a rock/electronic producer, sound engineer and am now a hardware designer manufacturer with Sonicsmith I was eying on developing a "serious" studio expansion card for the X16.

Not sure it's economically viable but if I worried about that I wouldn't get into the hardware business. Also would be happy to be of help with demo'ing or testing of any sort.

I'm not a programmer at all, just a geek (done some QA for firewalls TCP/IP before).

I hope debugging the X16 goes well because while my company may be focused on audio-pitch to CV and MIDI at the moment, we also developed a UART plug n' play kind of protocol for hi speed bi directional music communication.

Check out the MIDVertor E1 "mainframe" kind of Eurorack modular synth.      https://sonicsmith.com/products/midvertor-e1/

It would so nice if we can get this "sonicsmith" 4-pin header compatible with an expansion slot card with onboard acceleration for high quality audio in/out and perhaps optical 8 channel? I really don't know how strong the X16 will be.


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