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Cheap Random "World Map"



Is it FEASIBLE to draw a full or partial "world disc" with a low-res map projected onto it?

I suppose there are several ways to render a low-res map.

My preference is to use color PETSCII to fill in a quarter- to half-"circle" on the lower edge of the screen.

But, maybe you know a better way?



** I could just stick with a "recangular" map, for that matter.  This discussion, though, is about showing a world disc.  Example: screenshot1.png

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"There's no such thing as a perfect map."

Once you can accept this, you gain some power over how you can present it. Take a look at Dwarf Fortress - it provides 3 key map views when selecting where to embark: The first is the large world map, which compresses down to a smaller map, which represents a local map, which then represents the actual map in game when you travel.

I'd say stick with the rectangular map, but structure the system to be able to take a given character and a string seed and somehow precess that into a map. Since it's procedural, the same input produces the same output.

Character + SeedString = the same map every time representing the same key type.

This requires oodles of work, but this is how you avoid storing enormous amounts of information.

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Thanks for that, Star.  Especially


"There's no such thing as a perfect map."

Yes, this info is not worth storing!  In this case it's worth a (short) wait time to render. 

And I've squeezed it down to half its original speed by tossing unnecessary extra steps.  If I can shoehorn two lines of my BASIC into assembly I might speed it up by half again.


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