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CBM PRG Studio text handling



Hi all,

I'm using cbm prg studio to compile binary data files with a mixture of individual bytes and text to load into memory banks (see screenshot)

When I'm using the following type:

     text     'This is a string of text.'

by enclosing the string in apostrophes ' ' this compiles beautifully into screen codes in upper and lower case, - this is a very handy feature of prg studio, particularly for a heavily text orientated game like mine.

My problem is I want to put an actual apostrophe into the text string, for example :

     text     'You don't know where you are.' 

But this then causes problems for the compiler - the first apostrophe after the n in "don't" confuses it - What it does is it deletes the first apostrophe entirely, reducing the string in length by one byte (which caused me some headaches before I spotted it!)

Does anyone know how I can tell prg studio to include an actual apostrophe (screen code $2c) within the text?

I could do this, but it is incredibly clumsy:

     text     'You don'
     byte     $2c
     text     't know where you are.'

any ideas?



Bitmap in Untitled-1.png

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2 hours ago, Hiraghm said:

Huh... I wonder why you can' t just use ` instead?

Back-ticks (`) are not supported by PETSCII. It has ← instead.

I tried looking up what the character escape format is for that assembler, but I don't see any documentation for it out there.

For ca65, there doesn't seem to be any support for escaping in string constants, but you can have comma-separated strings and character codes, so you could do this:

.byte "I said, ", $22, "Hello.", $22

Which gets you I said, "Hello."

Not much less awkward than what you had, but at least it can be put on a single line. Ca65 may be a little more liberal than PRG Studio in letting you use strings in byte directives.

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