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Neil Cicierega's new album


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I have no idea how many people here will be familiar with internet-sensation musician and remix artist Niel Cicierega. His remixes and mash-ups focus on cultural references from the 80s and 90s. His previous album, Mouth Moods, was pure genius and went absolutely viral, remixing songs like Ghostbusters' "Who you gonna call?" and mashing up the likes of Drowning Pool's "Bodies" with Hot Butter's "Popcorn". Look, don't ask me why that works, I have no idea, it's why Cicierega is brilliant.

His latest album, Mouth Dreams, has just been released, and maybe folks here will like it, or maybe it just veers too far into the surreal. It focuses more on 90s cultural and music references, so maybe a little out of the most common bracket for this group, but I still want to share. If you're in the mood for something weird and possibly wonderful, give this a listen.


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