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glibc 2.29 required



I am temporarily running development in a Linux box using Debian 10 (Buster). The Linux download file for X16 r38 is dynamically linked to libc 2.29 while Buster has 2.28 and no view in sight for a future libc update. I also do not want to venture into the messy multiple libcs franken-debians. Perhaps the developers could statically compile the binary? Note: Ubuntu seems to have 2.29 but not Debian yet.

I'm going to compile my own BUT perhaps for future Linux users it would help.

Is there a way to run x16 without sound? I don't need sound right now and it complains that it needs ALSA etc.

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12 minutes ago, JimmyDansbo said:

I would also like to know if it is possible to run the emu without sound enabled? At the moment I install the alsa-dummy module to get the emulator to run in a VM without sound hardware.

I got the alsa-dummy module loaded and alsamixer shows it as an option... but I can't seem to get


./x16 -sound <OPTION>

option to work... it just outputs a list of sound options but I can't choose "Dummy".

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