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Anyone have a TINY SD image?



So I've got 8gb SD cards, and used dd to get a blank image to play with.

Thing is... I frankly don't currently need 8 gigs in an SD image on the X16.  I mean, 64 mb would be sufficient.

So, is there a way to truncate an SD image?  Or otherwise get a small SD image?


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dd if=/dev/zero of=cx16-sd.img bs=1M count=64

sudo losetup /dev/loop0 cx16-sd.img

# Use fdisk, parted, gparted or other partitioning program to partition /dev/loop0

gparted /dev/loop0

# Created msdos partition table and a single primary FAT32 partition

sudo losetup -d /dev/loop0

# Now you should be able to use cx16-sd.img as an SDcard image in the emulator.

I have added a 64MB image that seems to work with the emulator. Just unzip and you are ready to go.


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