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Screen content management, in BASIC




I've divided the screen into a few areas.  Call them windows or something.  

Each window represents a view into some data in my program.  Often they are lists, and I feel like I ought to have a generic handler to manage this.

Tell me your thoughts, including if you think this is over-optimization.



Arrays.  Shove everything into arrays and deal with it that way.  For example, the metadata required to define all my windows of list data might be:

(WARNING: pseudocode follows)
// index is the window number.
dim window_top(n)
dim window_left(n)
dim window_width(n)
dim window_height(n)
dim window_lines$(n,30)
dim selected_line_of_data(n)

Right?  And then all I'd need is a subroutine that uses some index variable to draw the appropriate window.

Insane, you might say?  I'm overthinking it?  Or not thinking enough?  Anyone?


Attached is the bare frame with nearly no content...


Screen Shot 2020-10-09 at 8.57.56 AM.png

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