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TeamX16 Sowtware House

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Hello friends. I have buyed Http://www.teamx16.com and Http://www.teamx16.online domains, webspace for X16MusicTracker project(song app) latter for X16ProPaint bitmap pixel art editor. But after that I want do games too. My fav software house on Amiga 500 was Team17. Games like AlienBreed, Superfrog, BodyBlows, Worms, ProjectX was my fav. So want make similar team. 

We will need:

- coders

- pixel artists

- story makers

- musicians

- translators

- testers

- website admins

- graphics designers (cover art)

- hardware engineers (gaming hw)

- loyal gamers

If You are interested to join TeamX16 in let me know also write Your skills here.

TeamX16 Members:

@DusanStrakl Coder

@Nate.N Coder

@JimmyDansbo Coder

@Matej Pixel Art, Music

I will use quote from Starwars: "You Should Just Join the Dark Side Already" 🙂

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