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Hello from Brazil

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Hello everyone.
My name is Carlos Wagner and I love retrocomputing.
I learned BASIC in a TRS-80 clone here in my city and since then I have done and lived a lot of cool things.
I am also following the adventures of "The 8-bit guy" and I hope I can contribute in some way to the success of this promising project.
A hug.

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And hello everyone.

My name is Leandro and like Carlos Wagner above, I'm hailing from Brazil. Also as he mentioned, I did my BASIC learning in a clone. Brazil was very huge with clones. My family had an Apple II clone (and a ZX-80 clone before that) and I miss it dearly, but in my school's 'computer course' we also had access to TRS-80 clones, MSX's, and even a bonafide IBM. All I knew about Commodore and later Amiga I learned via computer Magazines, as most of those computers were not available. Most of us over here went the MS-DOS route when it became widespread. Somehow I always wanted to try a Commodore and I think the X16 might be the closest I'll ever get to one lol.

Anyways, cheers and all the best to the project!

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