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Switch to ASCII Mode in Assembly



is there a way to switch to ASCII mode via assembly ?

i would like to add that to my program startup routine

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That depends on what you mean by ASCII mode.

If you want to ensure that you are in textmode, either 80x60 or 40x30 you can use the screen_set_mode call.

https://github.com/commanderx16/x16-docs/blob/master/Commander X16 Programmer's Reference Guide.md#function-name-screen_set_mode

If you actually want ASCII character set, the closest thing you will get is the ISO mode

https://github.com/commanderx16/x16-docs/blob/master/Commander X16 Programmer's Reference Guide.md#iso-mode

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Yes I meant ISO mode ive read the docs and figured it out.

this does the trick:

lda #$0F
jsr $FFD2

Im sorry for asking simple questions like that i never had any experience with C64 Programming so the API related stuff confuses me a little.

Thanks though

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