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Hello from the Land of Chocolate


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First I want to say its amazing that this board has a "introduce yourself"-section, makes it so much more personal.

I´ve been watching all the usual-suspect-retro-youtubers for years, 8BG himelf, LGR, AVGN etc... Im too young to have ever owned a c64 or anything from that era. This week I discovered the Maximite 2, watched the 8BG review of it, where he mentioned the X16, and then I was infected! Im so hyped right now. I work as a software developer as my day job but I have no idea about 6502 assembly, basic, and so on. Super excited to learn it though! My long-term goal is to write a video game for the x16, right now im diving into the documentation: Basic, VERA, cc65, Millfork, Kick Assembler. Evaluating what is possible, it´s like I opened the gates to whole new world of computing! Feeling like Homer in the Land of Chocolate (where I happen to be from! 😀)

Wishing everyone a great time and have a nice Sunday!


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Welcome!  You sound similar to myself, in terms of experience.  I too, was too young to be involved with C64s and other 8-bit machines, and have always felt like there's several layers of abstraction between the coding I've done and the actual hardware.

If you don't mind me asking, where is the "Land of Chocolate".  Sounds like a nice vacation idea.

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Hi @sundown I'm a software developer as well for my day job.  When I was a kid though, i *did* program the C-64 and later the Amiga on the assembly level.  So I have some memories about how such machines with almost zero abstractions work.    

Nowadays my interest for those systems is rekindled because I'm developing my own "Prog8" programming language for C-64 and Cx16  -  combining my interests in modern software development (in Kotlin, for this particular example) with the nitty gritty assembly low level stuff going on on the C64 and Cx16.   I'm still very new on the Cx16 and there's much to learn and explore for me but I'm doing that with Prog8 and it is a lot of fun!    It does consume a huge amount of free time hahaha

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Thanks for the nice welcome!

I have to admit if I hear Land of Chocolate I also think Switzerland, dont know what the Simpsons were thinking haha.

@Perifractic Your channel seems to be just my thing, will watch! Thanks!

@desertfish Kotlin is cool, do you develop Apps with it? I have to mantain some legacy Java Android apps at work, so no Kotlin for me sadly. I read about Prog8 in another thread about programming languages for the X16. I will be honest here and say that I want to get into Assembler and Basic first, but I will definetly check it out sooner or later. X16 Programming is such a diverse thing 🙂 Respect for writing your own language!

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