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any 68k mac experts?

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so i have a mac se and a mac classic II both are not working. the SE the monitor won't turn on. the classic monitor turns on but it has the vertical line problem. i opened the SE first cause i thought that would be easy maybe the monitor got unplugged or something. however im not sure if i did this or if it was like this but the analog board came loose and i heard a sizzle. im not sure if that was the crt discharging or if a wire touched the bare connector. 

so i think that solves the problem? if the board came loose when i opened the case then its a mystery but i may have a cluse. the bare pins that connect to the analog board appear at least to me to be bent i took a picture which ill post but its kind of blurry ill take a new one tomorrow since ive already been at this awhile. 

another mystery is someone seems to have been inside this before. there are two scsi cable that are loose and a molex connector thats not plugged into anything. this computer has two floppies so both cables and the connector should be plugged in. 

another issue i saw was at least to me the caps appear to be about to burst.


also the brown areas on the board is that corrosion or the way the board is? i see lots of those brown areas.





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Broken solder joints on the big header socket are a common cause of no picture on those machines.

Bulging caps should be replaced.

I'm not sure about your other specific things.

You may glean some info from my Macintosh repair videos.

Be careful around the CRT.

Your friend in retro, Perifractic
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