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17 hours ago, William42 said:

here's mine yes I haven't given up on Windows 7 yet I'm going to I just don't want to oh and you might recognize my background yup its a classic

Nothing wrong with a classic!

Also, I stuck with Windows 7 for quite a long time before moving to 10. Skipped right over Win 8, I hated it on so many levels, but 10 I really enjoy.

As a rule of thumb, I tend to give Microsoft quite a few years to flush out a new OS. We're all aware of their "hit and miss" track record. lol

1 hour ago, Roughnight said:

here's mine^^ 

not so tidy as your's 😄

It's hard to keep a tidy desktop, at least it is for me. I end up with so many apps installed, especially with I am trying to learn something new. 😛

You can never go wrong with Who!


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