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Johan Kårlin

New community dev tool uploaded: Tilemap Converter for Pyxel Edit

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Tilemap Converter for Pyxel Edit

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This is a tool for converting tilemaps made in Pyxel Edit to the binary format that X16 uses in tile mode 2/4/8 bpp. A two byte header set to 0 will be added. It is a simple Console Application made in .NET core. If I understand things right it should be executable on macOS and Linux beside WIndows.


1. Export your tilemap from Pyxel Edit , select JSON as format (NOT xml or text).

2. Run the application (PyxelTilemapConverter.exe) with two arguments: filename and which palette offset your tiles should be using.

Pyxel Edit is very handy because you can design both tilesets and tilemaps in the same application. It helps to cut development time. But if you're looking for a better tilemap editor I strongly reccommend Tiled Map Editor which is very powerful. And the good news is that I have made two extensions for exporting maps from Tiled as well ) ).


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