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New demo uploaded: Basic Raytracer


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Basic Raytracer

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Raytracer in Basic with a sphere and its shadow, and a plane with a pattern.

Originally written for C64 with Simon's Basic and published 1986 in german magazine c't (issue 1, page 104).
According to the article it took 3 to 4 hours on a c64. It's much faster on a x16, but nevertheless use warp mode.

I changed the following compared to the original code:

  • I added alternative plane pattern formulas in the lines 110 to 220 (4 patterns; just [un]comment the according lines)
  • I added lines 1205, 1206 and 1615 to read the input from data statements instead of user input
  • I changed the graphic commands (screen, line, pset)
  • from line 2000 and on I added the data for the objects 
    • line 2010: the sphere (x, y, z, radius) and the position of the lamp (x, y, z); same for all pictures
    • followed by individual data per picture (5 pictures; just [un]comment the according lines for the others)
      • coordinates of camera (x, y, z) and viewing vector (x, y, z); e.g. lines 2064 and 2065
      • aperture angles (horizontal, vertical); aspect ratio already adapted to X16; e.g. line 2066
    • line 2080: data for the view; same for all pictures; 
      • coordinates of top right corner (x, y)
      • coordinates of bottom left corner (x, y)
      • view window size (width, height)

Press "S" for a quick sketch or "D" for the real stuff ...

On demand I could share more info from the article content.
Tested with R38


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