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New demo uploaded: multi format image viewer

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multi format image viewer

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This is a multi-format image viewer program. It supports IFF, PCX, BMP and Koala (c64).  It supports full-screen 320x240x256 color bitmap mode and IFF Color Cycling !

Due to emulator restrictions (it seems) It only works when running from an sd-card file, so I've provided a zipped one that contains the program and a few sample images.

The source code is here https://github.com/irmen/prog8/tree/master/examples/cx16/imageviewer

The video below shows the program in action!



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I've updated it with a new version that now can use 320x240 full-screen mode instead of truncated at 200 pixels, and it also can show IFF Color Cycling images to add a sense of animation!!

The movie included with the download shows the program running with the included images on the SD card. I found and included a few basic IFF images with color cycling.   The real amazing thing is that there are a few extremely high quality color cycling images available to view on-line here http://www.effectgames.com/demos/canvascycle/ as mentioned in the topic here:   https://www.commanderx16.com/forum/index.php?/topic/770-new-demo-uploaded-basic-color-cycling-demo/&tab=comments#comment-5197

I've managed to convert these on-line images back into IFF files with color cycling information.

Additionally I've halved their resolution to 320x240 (and lost 12 bits of color palette accuracy) but these images can now also be displayed by my image viewer program on the CommanderX16, including their color cycling animation!    Unfortunately the images are copyrighted and I think we are not allowed to share them, so instead here is a video of them being displayed on the emulator:

It's a pretty long video because there are many images and the loading is not very fast (because they have to be streamed from disk due to being larger than the available memory).  A lot of detail is lost because of 12 bit color banding and the resolution reduction (some blending/dithering patterns are wiped out completely), but I still think they are amazing to watch.   Watch the video first and then the Effect Games web site link above to admire them in all their original high res detail.  You won't be disappointed.


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included the demo video for the color cycling images
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Yeah, this is rad! Could be used in future X16 games, though a lot of artist work is needed to create an original art with color cycling.

I think Mark Ferrari would like to see this.

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