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All I want for Christmas...


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I'm also considering spending my Christmas bonus on either an Ultimate II+, or an Ultimate 64 board.

When I rescued my C64 out the trash, there were also two empty breadbin cases in there - no board, just the keyboard with top and bottom shells. So it needs a board to go in it, right Why not an Ultimate 64?

...well, because they're over USD$200.  Money well spent on such an excellent design, but on the other hand maybe I should save that money and put it in my X16 jar.  I don't want to be caught short when the Kickstarter launches.

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I think I managed to get most everything I was interested in.

A new soldering iron and magnified clip-on soldering lamp, a couple 8BitDo SN30Pro wired controllers and a Mayflash F101 arcade stick for my "retro" gaming and RetroPie (Raspberry Pi 3B+). My wife also got me a smart watch with health monitoring, been wanting one of those for a while. Along with some other more "normal" things.

I also got a C64 Mini, been having a lot of fun playing with that too.

We can't forget the beer and beef jerky gift basket, somewhat of a tradition gift (along with one of those 3 flavor popcorn tins) that my wife gets me. :)

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