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New game uploaded: Traveller-Trader (mini)


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Traveller-Trader (mini)

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This is a space trading simulation using Traveller ships, worlds, trade rules, and so on.  It contains over 500 worlds in and around the Spinward Marches, and it's primitive.  I've been working on an improved version; for now, this playable version serves as a test.


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I've planned the data structures for an improved version.  Time for a better version of this game.

One big question: BASIC, or C?

BASIC Pro: Accessibility x 3.  You can re-run it.  You can list it.  Etc.
BASIC Con: BASIC doesn't scale well.

C Pro: C scales much better. 
C Con: It can't be re-run once exiting; you'd have to reload.  This is a side-effect of cc65, which is what I use.


Speed is not an issue.  There are pauses in the BASIC version, but they're not distracting.


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I have to clarify - i meent in the general sense, not actually practically achievable per se with cc65.

i asked because I struggled with the same issue for prog8 .  Certain types of variables are allocated statically and are not reinitialized at program start  but other types are, it’s a trade off , and allows restarting the program if you are careful enough and don’t have to rely on the statically initialized values.  


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