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We have actually had several conversations about the serial port, at this point. 

Short version: the last we were told, there's going to be a "User" port that will likely have a DB25 jack connected. This will work almost exactly like the Commodore 64's User port, with a likely top speed of 19200 bps. 

There seem to be no plans for a 16550 (PC) or 6551 (Commodore, Apple) UARTs. The reasons are varied, but to sum up all of the discussions - the team just does not feel either is a priority.



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8 hours ago, mobluse said:

I think it should be standardized how a serial port is connected and used from software even if it isn't connected from start.

If it will be demanded, a popular expansion card will appear, which might become close to standard.

Just like with Commodore expansion cartridges: despite being third party, some of them were very popular, and many users had same cartridges. From practical point of view it was sort of standard.

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