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New game uploaded: Traveller-Trader WIP

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The "pre-alpha" version is playable.  I'll talk about (a) what it does now, and (b) what I WANT it to do.
I'll attach the "user manual".


You start in the "pilot" view, which does very little. Access the menu by hitting <return>, and you can see other things you can do.

  • "ASTROG" is quite functional, and with it you can target an adjacent system.
  • "MARKET" is functional but, in my opinion, needs work.
  • "PORT" lets you refuel.
  • "HIRING" doesn't work, currently.
  • "SHIPYD" displays ships available for sale at this port, but it doesn't let you buy anything currently.
  • "JUMP" takes you to your target destination, if you have enough fuel.

When you Jump, you automatically take on passengers and freight.


There are several additions and improvements I want to do. The most important to me are:

SHIP DAMAGE. This means ship components can be damaged, and can be repaired at the PORT.

COMBAT. Once ship damage is handled, then I can write combat.

Amber and Red zone worlds are dangerous and should be avoided. The risk here is of being attacked by a pirate. I need to write a combat routine that takes your ship and crew into account.

SHIP PURCHASE. The program already displays ships available at that port. The player should be able to trade in his ship for a new one, assuming he has the funds.


  • A primitive "jumpstart" feature.
  • Ship upgrades.
  • Random ship encounters.
  • Gas giant refueling.
  • System survey.
  • Hiring crew.

Traveller Trader pre-alpha User Manual.pdf

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The game relies on exploration and a slow buildup of capability; therefore one misstep shouldn't result in immediate destruction.

In Tradewar 2002, if your ship encountered a superior opponent, it would auto-escape with some damage.  Maybe I ought to do it that way.



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