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...From sunny Birmingham, UK. (Yes, it's raining but never mind.)

I'm Stewart, a software engineer writing commercial low level protocol drivers using C++, C, and client side stuff using the .Net framework.

My first computer was a ZX81 (with the wobbly 16K expansion pack), then I moved onto the C64 (with the dodgy power supply). For the C64 I've written BASIC extensions, an editor (looked kinda like the Turbo C++ IDE)/assembler (because I didn't any of the other assemblers I had).

I'm subscribed to Retro Recipes, and The 8-Bit Guy, and I was overjoyed to hear of the Commander X16 project. I started writing a BASIC interpreter for the X16, but stopped development when it was announced that the V2 BASIC was licensed for use. Oh well.


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