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Belated Hi from Germany

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Belated Hi from Germany,

I'm Carl, and I have actually been around for some months, but never did this introduction. But I thought it might be neat to do so anyway.

There's two things that brought me here.

1. My search for the "roots" of home computing. Because I am from the east part of Germany, my ancestors missed out on most of the first decade or so of home computing. Many things like the C64 are mostly unknown where I come from. But I really wanted to know about the roots of home computing, and thus on my journey found channels like The 8-Bit Guy.

2. One of my passions is to make music using synthesizers. However, I find much of the modern VST gear quite overwhelming. So many possibilites, I simply do not know where to start. On the other hand, I quite like the situation where the creativity is pushed by limitations. Simple and limited synthesizers are what I enjoy using. And at most so, if they are able to produce stunning results nonetheless.

Those two things are what brought me here. I want to create some nice music software for the X16 and eventually use it if time permits.

Also, allow me some words on my programming background.
I initially started programming with Turbo Pascal. However, it was hopelessly outdated when I first got an old Win95 laptop with an IDE installed on it from someone. But I pretty much enjoyed life with it, because I kept discovering and trying new stuff, and was really impressed how much you could do with a 75 MHz processor. I can't remember hitting the ceiling of its processing power.
At some point I found out about inline assembly, and first used it to access the mouse and do various other things. I even tried a small project entirely in X86 assembly, but I got frustrated with it, so I never went very far.

Meanwhile, I have come to enjoy programming in 65C02 assembly over the past couple of months. The good documentation of the X16 and a helpful and active community are a big part of what makes it worthwhile.

I wish you the best blessings for 2021! Take care!

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