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New demo uploaded: VERA window panning demo

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VERA window panning demo

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This program is written using kickc of Jesper Gravgaard. I'm helping him to create a framework encapsulating the CX16 vera in order to be able to quickly create graphical effects for games.

This is a short demo and I hope you like it.

This program uses the keyboard to progress through the program!

So be sure to run this from the desktop, since the emulator on mobile phones do not have a keyboard!


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3 minutes ago, Perifractic said:

Nice! If you can have it recognize a mouse click as well as any key to continue, it will also work fully with the web emulator on mobile screens where tapping the screen simulates a click.

Keep it up!

OK. The mouse will require me to do some magic with the VIA # 2 etc. I will need to study this a bit ... Or ... indeed, I can use directly the ROM registers. There is no need anymore to disable the ROM as on the C64, because we have enough memory now!

I saw the videos that prototype #2 of the CX16 hardware board has 2048KB RAM! That"s impressive and I think it is a good idea to continue with this amount of RAM available.

But be careful you don't make the same mistake as with the Amiga. Ensure that the machine as enough RAM on the standard model. RAM doesn't cost and it is needed these days, even on 8-bit machines :-).

(my 5 cents). I really enjoy seeiing the collaboration of your group and it is fantastic! This kind of machinery will allow me to "explain" to my kids how a PC works ...

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