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The Seven Point Sales Pitch

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When I wrote the "Invention 13" player, I thought up seven points that exemplified the X16.

I'm wondering what your list would look like, if you had to list out seven short bullet points.

(This will help me refine my list, too).


Here's my first stab:

  1. WD65C02S at 8 Mhz
  2. 512K ROM
  3. 128K Video RAM
  4. Kernal with 16 bit ABI
  5. PS/2 and SNES
  6. IEC and SD I/O
  7. Expansion Slots


Note that lots is left out that come from questions leading from one of the above; for instance the huge pile of banked RAM (RAM is a complicated issue, so hard to do justice to with a bullet point). 

And I've completely not mentioned VGA or sound... surely VGA should be there somewhere?   I figure video and sound gets asked about once someone sees "128K Video RAM", so that is the gateway drug to learning about VERA.

Same goes for the Commodore ROMs, BASIC, DOS wedge, and various environmental enhancements: mention that the Kernal includes a 16 bit ABI, and there's the gateway drug to learning what else is on-board.


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