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Try it now feature questions

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I love the try it now feature, it is really great.  


But, to me it is unclear how to activate it.

1. Is it enough with just uploading a .PRG file?

2. Does it need a special name ? (tryitnow.prg maybe?)

3. Do you need to enable it some how by clicking a checkbox (haven't seen it somewhere)

4. Is it only some categories that have it?  Or do you need to have posted enough posts, to get it visible?

Maybe some "help button" to explain how to activate "try it now" could be usefull for newbies like me?

In any case I may just be wordblind and a big "Activate" button is right in front of me, but I don't see it 🙂. I'll keep looking.


Thanks! and any help appreciated 🙂


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I am pretty sure that you can add the Try it Now option in any category. Just now found that it is not available in "Tutorial Apps" at least.

I just tested in Development Tools category without any issues.

Your program does not need to have any special name, but you do need to tell the Try it Now function what the program name is.

You do need to enable it. 


As you can see, I am adding irclock.prg.

I believe that you need to ensure that you use the correct case when you write the filename to run ( in my case, it is all lower case ).

Others know a lot more about this than me, but I believe that you can upload a zip file with several binary files in it along with your program. This is the reason you need to specify the filename to run.

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Correct my self
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Right, ok, a bit of a pitty, especially in the tutorial section, testing out what you learn, in the web emulator would be terrific.  But maybe there is some purpose behind it.


Thanks, for now then I'd have to skip the try it now button then till I make something in the other category. (Nope, I do not want to move it to the wrong category, as it's by no means a demo (demo is showing of the tech), or a full game.

But when I get there, I am prepared, thanks for the clear explanation with screenshots and so 🙂


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Honestly it missing from the tutorial section sounds like a bug to me.  Maybe we should ask @MattGrandis?

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