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New graphics upload: Vera Modes - Demo

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Vera Modes - Demo

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This demo program provides an overview of what the vera card can do in terms of the different configurations in text mode, tile mode, and bitmap modes.

The demo is nothing really fancy, but the workhorse underneath is the new API library (veralib.c and veralib.h, conio-cx16.c etc. ) that allows to configure and control the vera card of the CX16 using the kickc compiler of Jesper Gravgaard:
camelot / kickc · GitLab. The veralib library and source code of this demo program has become an integral part of the compiler and test programs, and can be downloaded also from src/test/kc/examples/cx16/cx16-vera.c · CX16_VERA · Sven Van de Velde / kickc · GitLab.

If you're a C-programmer, and you're interested in using this library, please beware that this is still work in progress. However, if you're motivated to try it out, i'm really interested to get feedback on this c-library to understand if the API is useful and clear. Feel free to try out the program, by running it in an emulator in windows; the mobile phone emulators won't be able to run this program properly because the keyboard is needed to run this. More features are planned to be added. One of the features planned is to provide mouse support, so it can be run using the android emulators too.

kind regards,


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