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New demo uploaded: Space Flight

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Space Flight

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This is a shoot'em up game in progress. Gradually I'll update this game as it progresses, but currently this is a non-playable game. This demo for the moment documents the tile engine.

This lava planet is under attack! The player will defend the planet using an evolving ship configuration, and will need to use various landing stations on the background for repaing, refuelling and recharging weapons.
The background will also contain various defense capabilities but will also contain enemy attack sites deployed on the planet!

I use various softwares to create the graphics of the game myself (which is a lot of work!). But to speed-up the work, and to make the graphics modular, this method is the way to go!

The background tile engine generates a random generated background, which will result in the player needing to be tactical or strategical in his choices as time evolves.
The placement of the tiles is dynamic, based on a weighted system, so the randomness can still be "tuned" over time.
The idea is that on this background, through further weighted randomness, more and more enemy installations will appear, (and less friendly installations) and that the player will need to be careful when to recharge, repair or refluel!

Different levels will of course make this game more difficult, but that is the future ...

You can find the complete code of this game here: X16_Code/cx16-tileengine at main · FlightControl-User/X16_Code (github.com)

This program MUST be started from an sdcard, as it uses proprietary loadroutines that only work on the emulator using an sdcard configuration.
These load routines are necessary to have complete control of the memory in the X16!

  • Download the files into a folder,
  • Unzip the x16.zip file, which creates an x16.vhd file.
  • Run x16emu -sdcard x16.vhd -prg tileengine.prg -run to run the demo.

Please try it out and let me know if you think this start and concept has potential and what I would need to be careful of or change.



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