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Michael Parson

New productivity upload: LED - A Line-Oriented Text Editor

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LED - A Line-Oriented Text Editor

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Story time.

I was reading @gavinhaslehurst's post about implementing floating point numbers based on an article in COMPUTE! magazine.  So, I headed over to archive.org and looked up that  issue  and read the article.  Then I flipped through the rest of the issue.  On page 16, there was this program, LED - A Line-Oriented Text Editor, written by Arnie Lee of Abacus Software, in BASIC, for the Commodore PET (also mentioned is an APPLE II version, but I didn't see that listing in there).

So, I typed it in and ran it under VICE.  Works on the PET, works on the C-64, works on the C-128.... works on the X-16!

The only changes from the original is to comment out the 2 POKEs to disable/enable RUN/STOP and changed the line-endings from CHR$(255) to CHR$(10) so  the files would have regular UNIX-style newlines ending the lines.

Is it useful?  Debatable.

Is it retro?  For sure.

COMPUTE! Magazine
February 1981
Issue 9
Vol. 3, No. 2
Page 16.


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